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Coffee Roaster Machine for shop, cafe and industrial used. Gas and electric models available.

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  • Has a capacity of 500 gr. up to 15 kg per batch roasting.
  • The ability to roast and cool at the same time decreases the total production time.
  • With fast cooling motor to quickly cool your roasted coffee beans.
  • Accurately controllable coffee roaster enables larger batches of specialty coffee roasting.
  • This model is perfect for a middle large roastery.
  • Easy to control all the important aspects to create your ideal roast.
  • Designed for small to middle large roasteries,
  • Available in two options, the W6A which is automatic or the W6E which is an electric roaster.
  • Two different fans enable you to control your airflow
  • With turbo cooling for an even faster cooling process