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About Us

Beloya Coffee Roasters is an online store that sells and promote Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans, Tea and Cacao to baristas, individuals and cafes. 

Beloya founding goal is to deliver premium fresh coffee to baristas, coffee lovers and green beans to micro-roasters. Freshly roasted out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and with the "Roast on Demand" roasting concept, our customers shall enjoy guaranteed fresh coffee beans for every order placed.

Beloya is dedicated to ethically sourcing and roasting quality sustainable products with a commitment to the highest quality standards possible and strives to be one of the top best coffee roasters and coffee, tea, cacao supplier in the market.

What do we sell?

We offer the best premium quality of Roasted Coffee Beans, Tea, Cacao and Green Beans online!

Why choose us?

Quality Control - We ensure that our main focus will be on the quality of the products so that our customers will truly experience and enjoy only the best quality products from us.

Friendly Customer Service - It is our priority in making sure customers feel comfortable shopping on our web store. Suppose the customer requires any assistance while shopping, we will provide the best support and guidance needed.

How to contact us?

For any inquiries or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

We can be contacted via email at or call us at +60133853022 . We will respond to you within 24 hours.

Beyond Coffee

The Journey

We take pride in supplying freshly roasted coffee beans for all coffee lovers & cafe owners by roasting on demand for a wholesome coffee experience. Beloya Green Beans go through a rigorous journey right from the start adhering to our process method, export packaging and storing guidelines ensuring the highest quality for all our products.

Coffee Experience

Experience aroma & distinguished taste specially tailored to your preference with guaranteed quality and freshness.

Contract Roasting

Beloya Coffee Roasters customizes roasting & packaging according to orders for business owners to deliver a more personalized roast for their brand and customers.


Roasted and Green Coffee Beans are available for restaurants, cafes, companies, hospitality venues, private labels, and bulk purchases.

Green Beans

Beloya imports & supplies green beans from producing countries and can supply them to micro-roasters and individuals for private roasting upon request.


A value-added to our "One-Stop-Shop Solution", We supply various equipment for roasting and brewing at a competitive price.

Private Label

Beloya can be your partner to roast your own Private Label coffee. Selling coffee under your own brand’s name enhances your identity and sets you apart from the competition.